Australian Distilling Co.

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Australian Distilling Co.’s beginnings are a matter of history.

It was 1936 when Alan R. Hickinbotham established the country’s and one of the world’s first university degrees dedicated to wine. His passion for crafting refined wine and spirits has maintained across generations. Now, his grandson – Michael Hickinbotham – continues the tradition under the Australian Distilling Co. name.

While our roots are traditional, our approach is not. Every spirit we produce is inspired by the here and the now; an homage to the beautiful cities and regions of Australia.

A life of travelling the country has left an indelible impression on us. By crafting spirits that embody the character of distinctive locales, we hope to share our sense of connection with you. In every sip, there is something that speaks of the special nature of the spirit’s namesake place – how the light falls, the energy on the streets, the humming of the quiet, in-between spaces.

The only way to truly capture the essence of a place is to create within it. Our master distiller partnered with local distilleries across the country and explored local ingredients to create flavours that embrace the spirit of the city or region. Through this approach, we have ensured every bottle says something about the community that inspired it.

We do things this way because we believe that crafting premium spirits is an ongoing journey – one that has its roots in history, is grounded in the present, and looks to the future.

Cheers to that.