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Happenstance Distillery

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Spirits Distilled

36 West Thebarton Rd
Thebarton South Australia 5031

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Happenstance Distillery is the passion project of Tim Gilchrist and Mei Lin Ford who set out to make an Australian gin that is a go-to for a fantastic G&T that you can share with your friends and family, or to have all to yourself because you deserve it! We want to make you smile.

Our Products

Our signature, Happenstance Gin, is juniperiffic and citrus forward; lemon, mandarin and lemon myrtle sing out, there’s some spice from fennel and nutmeg and the palate rounds out with sweetness from strawberry gum and vanilla. We pair it with Mediterranean tonic, fresh strawberry and a sprig of rosemary for our perfect G&T.

We also offer more seasonal gins: Fireside is great for the cooler months with its warming clutch of aromatic botanicals, and Fiesta is perfect for the long summer days with a zesty mix of kaffir lime, chili and star anise. And our annual batch of Sour Cherry Liqueur is a beaut. Derived from a Portuguese family recipe it combines sour Morello cherries hand-picked in the Adelaide Hills with a heady mix of spices. It’s sweet, and sumptuous and seriously limited due to the small number of sour cherries grown locally. Keep an e