Iniquity Single Malt Whisky, Requiem Australian Pot Still Rum

The lads at Tin Shed Distilling Co have been distilling whisky for over 15 years, a very long time by Australian standards. Their passion and mantra are simple, just make whisky that we enjoy drinking and are proud of.

At the Shed they don’t use fancy or sophisticated mash bills, fancy barrels or spruik marketing bullshit. Iniquity is made in the traditional double-distilled, Scottish pot still style using good local malt, local peat, local Mallee root smoke and good local barrels. Making whisky isn’t rocket science. Making a great whisky is all about patience, practice and passion, things found in abundance at Tin Shed Distilling Co.

Signature Recipe
Aviator's Accolade

The best way to drink any single malt whisky


  • Iniquity single malt
  • Air
  • 1 x drop of water (optional)


  • Pour
  • Nose
  • Drink