• Mount Compass Distillery Gin
  • Mount Compass Distillery Vodka and Berry Gin

Martin Distillation Company Pty Ltd


Formed in 2014 by owners David and Jenny Martin with a view to producing quality craft spirits.


The distillery is located off Sand Mine Road in Mount Compass. We currently occupy a 256m2 shed with plans to build a second. We use a small 60 litre Copper Pot still with plans to shortly upgrade to a 4-500 litre still.


We offer a wide range of spirits under the Mount Compass Spirits™ banner including Vodka, Gin, Agave, Anise and Moonshine. We are also currently laying down whisky, rum and brandy, which will be released from 2021. A range of liqueurs is also produced for export.

Signature Recipe
Mount Compass Berry Bramble

A Mount Compass twist on the classic Gin Bramble


  • 30 ML Mount Compass Distilled Gin
  • 30 ML Berry Gin
  • 45 ML Lemon Juice
  • 30 ML Gomme Syru
  • 1Tsp Berry Gin Jam (optional)


Add Ingredients to a shaker, Shake for Vigorously for 10 Seconds ensuring adequate dilution.

Pour Ingredients into an Old Fashioned Glass
Top up with Crushed Ice.

Garnish With Dehydrated Orange Wheels.