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Tria Prima

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31 Oborn Road
Mount Barker SA 5251

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Tria Prima was established as a small family business in 2017 by owners Paul and Trang Shand with a view to producing premium malt whisky. We follow the traditional distilling techniques of the ancient Celtic alchemists, honed by Australian ingredients and an arid environment to create a unique single malt whisky which reflects our values of quality and transparency.


Tria Prima distillery is located in the picturesque Adelaide Hills approximately 4 km from Mount Barker Summit. At Tria Prima we foster creativity but respect tradition. We do our own mashing and fermentation using Australian barley. This is followed by a long and slow distillation in our Australian-made 2200 litre copper pot still.


Our aim is to highlight different styles of malt whisky in relation to cask type used for maturation. We use a range of cask sizes (100-300 litre) and type (inter alia tawny, apera, bourbon, rum, red wine and champagne style wine) to produce different taste profiles. Our label designs by local Adelaide artist and graphic designer Matt Kavanagh reflect the quality of spirit and the magic of alchemy. Our products are all non-chill filtered with no added colouring. Although the focus is on single malt whisky, our future plans also include pot still rum.